Monday, June 30, 2008

My poor sick Babies....................

These are my babies today, this afternoon if felt so nice out I thought I would get them out of the germ infested house for a nice wagon ride, well Bishop wanted to drive his truck, after 5 min of fits and time out he agreed a wagon ride would work and that he would be happy to ride along with Bella and Me.{He hE --insert evil laugh} see folks time out does occasionally work. So off we went and you know I needed my camera for their first wagon ride together, and how about these pics arn't they the cutest sick babies you have ever seen.... Yeah I thought so. Actually Bishop is on the mend, he was the 1st to have it, Bella started getting it friday night, Ronnie calls me Saturay at 2 am at work and said they had both been crying for 4 hours straight--dont do this to a mommie and tell me not to come home, when I can hear them in the background, anyways so I stayed home from work Sunday and Monday, so I could be at those babies beck & call--they need there mommie when they are sick... anyways they slept much better last night (sun) but Bella did wake up quite a few times, bless her heart. I can hear her loud breathing as I type.
Anyways so the last couple of pictures of Bella in the truck with B did not go over to well, after the 1st turn I had to get her out--Bishop can not drive--must get that from me ___He he. After that she spit up all over me, sweet potatos--not pretty.

On another note, I never want to forget I haned Bishop the phone this morning to talk to his Sissy and he says "What you doing?" how did he grow up this fast----it was really cute, then I handed him a snack later on and he said "thank you" maybe there is hope for me and this parenting thing after all.

Hope everyone has a great week and a safe Happy 4th of July!

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