Friday, August 29, 2008


yeah, yeah long time no post, I am a busy woman 2 kids,& a husband, and a house to clean and a full time job, and a little girl who loves her mommy to the point she wants me all the time. BUSY!!!!
Anyways whats been going on here well planning a 1 year birthday party, trying to scrap--but hardly ever happens {my computer gets in the way of this usually} when I get to sit down at my desk. But tonight we made time to make cupcakes, They were just plain butter cake with chocolate , but they were good

The outside pictures were from last night. We took a wagon ride around the yard and got eat up from mosquitos--they love us.
Not much going on here but Bella is pulling up on everything and tonight she fell and put a place on her head, bless her heart its hard to watch when they try to be so brave all the time, and you can't prevent them from falling each time.

Anyways on a scrappy note, the fiskateers are coming to Nashville, how cool is this, November 15, 2008 not sure where but for 20.00 you get to scrap all day and they feed you and you get goodies too. Anyways you have to be a fiskateer to go{I think} so go sign up--if you want to go!!

thats all I got to say about that--peace ooooooooouuuuuuuutttttttttt~~~~~~~~

Thursday, August 07, 2008

my first digital page

For Leah & Johannas blog contest.

I made with help from Ronnie because Photoshop is very complicated. But we finished yay!!!! So I have been working on it for a while thank goodness they extended the deadline or I never would have figure it out. So the prize is a epson picture mate where I can print pictures right before I scrap--how cool would that be. Thanks girls---Heres to hoping i win!!!Thanks girls for the challenge!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bishops 3rd Birthday party

Bishop had a great Birthday yesterday. We had a Cars Theme going on. We had lots of balloons, cake, presents. I got him a toddler bed , with sheets in the of course "Cars" theme. I think Ronnies Mom got him the complete cars cast of cars( did that make sense?) He love all of his presents, thanks to all.

On another note we are all alost pee pee trained YAY!!!!not shoo shoo yet but we will get there. We have also taken away the famous Bink--He still asks for itbut we say that when you turn 3, that they come and take it away. Here are some other pictures from his party.