Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who would have thought....

That it would be 70+ degrees in November. I don't know but i like it. Me and Bishop when outside today and played on the the ground, he first real time to explore the grass, he wasn't to sure about it. We swept off the back deck and just chilled outside. Ronnie had to go take his grandfather to the hospital, he called us and said he thought he had a stoke, but so far they can't find anything wrong. He left to go back down there today. We had a good Thanksgiving, I went to Stephanies while Bishop and Ronnie went to his Grandfathers to eat with his family and then came back to Stephs later.Oh well I have to go to work tonight, catch you later.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas Cards for sale

Christmas Cards for sale
Seasons Greetings to all!!!!
Its that time again to start sending out your Christmas greetings. Let me help you and me both out by making some of the cutest cards for you. This is usually how I make my Christmas money. So please forward this to your friends and family members to help me out. I will so appreciate it as will Bishop and Ronnie. Prices are at the bottom of the post.

The card above is #1 Poinsetta greetings

# 2 Teddy Bear Holidays

#3 Santa in Plaid to the left

#4 Snowman Happy Holiday (Below)

#5 Ribbon Snowmen

#6 Believe in Frosty (to the right)

#7 A Merry little Christmas Truck (2 left pictures)

#8 Jingle all the way (to the right)

#9 Happy Holidays Frosty (above)


Qty 1 $3.00

Qty 5 $13.00

Qty 10 $25.00

Qty 15 $35.00

Qty 20 $45.00

Qty 30 $65.00

Please email me with your card # and name with quantity desired. Thanks for looking!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

doctor visit 15 m check up

We went to the doctor yesterday and dr Greeley was out so we saw Dr Mace she was very sweet. Anyways she said he was healthy but small, but that was ok. He weighs 21.8 lbs. had only gained 1 pound in the last 3 months(12 percentile, with 50 being average) his height was 30" (15%) his head circumfrence was 68% forgot exact measurment, so a big head. Anyways then we went to see Grandmomma in the hospital , she had surgery on wednesday the 2nd time in 10 months to drain a cancerous tumor she had in her abdominal cavity poor thing she hasnt felt good since the first surgery. These pictures are of Bishop and some of his 1st few independent steps.

Whats up ??"B'

Check out this punkin head---is he the cutest or what!!!Ronnie got a new lens today and he was testing it out. Is a macro lens , takes sharp close pics.

Monday, November 06, 2006

hanging out

Greetings All!! Hope this finds everyone doing well. I am just watching the CMA awards and surfing the net. I have to go to work later --yuck!!! Bishops is standing here playing with the remotes and jabbering away. I think he said bye bye on saturday 11-4-06. He climbed up his slide twice today all by himself. He walked to me today without me coaxing him to do so. He is really trying to be independent. My little punkin -- he is a sweet boy. Talk at you later.