Thursday, June 05, 2008

Florida day 6

Well peeps its almost over, you spend so much time looking forward to a vacation and it goes by in a blink of an eye. I can say that I miss my baby back at home Ronnie, and I know he is missing these little ones here with me. I just dread the drive back, seems like it last forever much more longer than the trip.
So anyway I took Bishop out on the Sea Screamer, and I think he enjoyed it but it was hard to tell, on the half way mark he crawled up in my lap turned so his head was on my shoulder and made me put one hand over his ear, so either he was starting to get sick or he didn't like it. They blow the horn and shot canons off of it so it was pretty loud, we saw Dave & Sissy on their balcony, so that was kinda cool, but all in all, I was ready to get off of there too, It was really rough waters, so the boat was definitely rockin'. We also saw dolphins which was kinda cool too.

Sissy & Dave kept Bella boo while we went (Thanks you two), So I think we are going to Pineapple willys to eat tonight, which will be fun.

Here are some pictures from today of me & Bishop on the boat. The one of the condo is where we are staying looking at it from the boat.

Tomorrows plans I think we may go and set up at the beach, with the umbrella and all, for our last fun filled day. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday, Talk more tomorrow.

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