Friday, July 31, 2009

Bonnie Lou ...We WiLL mIsS YoU!!!!!!!!!! myspace graphic comments
I Miss You Graphic Comments

So our Co-worker Bonnie is leaving us and going to days , we wish her lots of luck and hope it all works out for her..We will miss you and always try and say things 3 times in your honor, Lynn has already started this "soy & duck sauce, soy & duck sauce, soy & duck sauce".lol anywho..don't forget about us.

So I am grateful for my friendship with her, she has been with me on nights for like 3 years. She has almost kicked my but a couple times but I love her have got her hooked on Big Brother , Hells Kitchen and probably a few other shows..even though she said she would never watch reality shows..he he he love ya Girl!!

I Miss You MySpace Comments and Graphics
I Miss You Comments, Graphics
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

okay I failed for my daily posting..but I am here now

Good Thursday is my bathing beauties after their bath today, Bella has to take everything with her wherever she goes.. they are sooooooo funny.. my babies...

Yep and Bishop has some really large shoes to fill, doesnt he..but he tries.. ha ha ha

On another note my Mom has found the internet again and her computer is fixed..whooo hoooo and she read my blog which makes me happy..Thanks Mommie, and she is on facebook.

Okay I am grateful for just life , you know we all have our bad moments..but if you wait long enough they will pass by and then something will happen like seeing a little girl walk by pushing her little shopping cart and just as happy as can be and you realize..that its the little things that do make you happy.. ... and by the way that was Bella today... she is the cutest thing ever..I just can't stop kissing her and my little soon to be Birthday week .. ta ta for now.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bo Bunny sketch challenge..& Day 2

This is a card I made for the Bo Bunny challenge.

Okay so Day 2 ..I am grateful for my Sister and friends...its so good to have someone to talk to , scrap with, hang Farm town with..etc.Thanks to all my peeps for putting up with me and my crazy ways....muwah to you.. Love ya!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

long time no post... and what I am Grateful for day 1

I know , I know what you are saying..does she ever post anymore??? well it sure doesn't look like it.. well here is some photos of the last couple of weeks....

this was 4th of July at the park...Bishop above in the jumpy thing and riding the little fire engine below..he rode it over and over and over...

he is soooooo Patriotic insn't below mowing the yard last week..

Bella on the slide and there she goes...she loved it ..and her serious pose below... such a Princess..muwah to her..I soooo love you little girl..................

This hat she wore all day and when it would fall off she would get sooo

Bishop scrapped his first card..isn't he loves him so much..muwah..then some of my work below.

ok so like a year ago or so I did these post where I listed something I was grateful for..think I am gonna start this up again..its motivation for me to post..ya know..soo

Day 1... I am sooooo grateful for all the peas in my pod( you know my family) peeps.their health..thank you God for that... I know I am broke as all get out..but I am so grateful for the roof over our head and the food in our bellies ..if it is even for today.. I am grateful that my baby girl said yes and no this past week..not to answer one of my questions but to the tv..hey hey now its a start.
And a follow up on her speech..she took that hearing test and that was the 1st step ($300.00) next step is in Sept (its $600.00)can you say WOW!!! but if it gets her to talking it will be worth it.

ok all my peeps out there in blogland..and I will try and be back tomorrow for my day 2 post