Friday, February 24, 2006

Valentines dinner at Stoney River

This was pictures of our delicious dinner at Stoney River, We try to get together and go out every year to some place nice that we would normally not get to go to. (*I know that has grammer errors in it--oh well whos grading me --and if you are I don't care this is my blog and i will write the way I want to.) We had a great time, there was a few people missing because it snowed pretty well that day and night, but we made it okay. The left side of the table is Me, Ronnie, Carole with Bishop, Leo , Brandy and David. The right side of the table is Dave, Steph. Melissa, Big Ernie, April and Brent.

Belated posting of valentines day

We had a good Valentines Day, I had to make it a good one for Bishop since it was his first. That Cutie Pie!!
I got him the Dumbo seen in the pictures it is scented like blueberries. Needless to say he tried to eat it, but he eats everything these days.
He has been holding things really well in his hands , you can put his binky in his hand and he puts it right in his mouth. He is so smart.
We got him some new clothes as well. These flowers were from Ronnie and they went along with the dinner from Stoney River, it was very GOOD. I will post those pictures in another blog.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Joe Cool

Me and Bishop had a great week just hanging out together. We did not do much, just really hung around the house. I did get him the cool shades though, Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen?? I thought so. He is making progress during tummy time, maybe we will be crawling in a couple weeks or so. He is sitting up a quite a bit more still falls right over when he looses his balance. He has started biting his lower lip, its really cute. (Are you tired of reading about how cute he is??? get over it --I can't help it, Its probably going to get worse) He is also making motorcycle noises by vibrating his lips. It was so nice and warm this week , I had the windows open some, and he would roll over and just stare out the window with his walker. He is really figuring out how to get around with it. Well thats all for now , enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

3rd times a charm

Okay, This is the 3rd time I have sat down to write this blog from the last week. Lets see if I can get it on the site. The picture above was taken when we left the doctors office on Thursday. My poor baby got 4 shots in his legs, I think it hurts me worse than it hurts him, he was over it about 10 sec after it was done. His measurements: his head circumference is 44.5 and he is in the 70% (*meaning his head is bigger than the average bear) which is good because I have a small head and I didn't want it to look like mine. He was 26 " long- only 25%--I thought he was average but I guess a little short right now, and last his weight 16lbs 15 oz, I thought he was at least 20 he feels like it anyway (35%). She said he looked great and was growing steadily like the past visits. Oh and that he was very cute, but we already knew that didn't we. So we went to wal mart after because she said he could start eating vegetables, and to introduce the sippy cup. But we saw this mask and him having a big head it fit.
and for a .25 I couldn't resist, HES BATMAN!!!!! So when we got home we tried out the green beans with the rice cereal and it didn't go so well, here are the pictures to prove it. I guess that is about all for now. I need to figure out how to do a blog in retrospect for last week--can I go back in time??? If not I may have to post another. See ya Were OUT~~~~~~~~~~~*****************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|