Thursday, June 28, 2007

Me and Bishop at the pool

Hello Family and friends, I thought I would share a video of Bishop in his pool today, we decided to bring his slide outside and put it in his pool. He had a blast he was saying weeeeeeee everytime he went down it.

We took Sister to the doctor yesterday and got her a new cast put on, and I will be going to the doctor tomorrow for my 28 week check up for my diabetes test and rhogam (sp?) shot.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random stuff

This was just a video of my BB being cute this morning, thought I would share.
Between me and Ronnie working alot this week, he has me beat with 2 (24 hour days), and I am working extra tonight. But we have had a good week. Bishop is saying alot more words these days he will repeat you if you say it enough. He has been saying nite nite when he goes to bed, door, brush (loves to brush his teeth)juice for any liquid including bathwater, outside, and push(loves to push buttons). Those are the main ones. He truely is a good boy.
Lindsey has been doing acrobats lately, she moves all the time, I am thinking she is going to be a wiggle worm, gonna have to watch that one. She will be trying to get away.We have 3 months left from today, It has went by so fast. Hope everyone has a good weekend, I will be working though :0(.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ronnies BIG Graduation!!!

On June 1, Ronnie Graduated with honors. I am so proud of him, he definitely worked very hard for it. His new website address is

so go check it out and get some pictures made!!!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

our trip to florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and Bishop had a great time staying with sister at the beach, He was a good boy and stayed nout of trouble for the most part. Thanks sister for letting us come, and Thanks David for the ride home. we enjoyed it very much!!