Saturday, July 29, 2006

my radio flyer

Toilet paper

Check this cute little dude out, eating toilet paper, pulling it off the roll. He really was working hard at it, bless his heart.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pool Day at the Nix Homestead

Hello Peeps of the world!! Just a little blog bout Me and My B. We went swiming today at Nix Residence. It was a pleasant day. Had a good time. He was passed out in the car before I got home and we were only a few miles from home.
On the 25th Little "B" waved bye to me for the 1st time, I teared up. yesterday on the 26th he mimmicked(sp?) me and said "hold you" tonight he did the same thing and said " no no no no" I was telling him no. He just will not lay still while you are trying to change his diaper, and he is strong too and will get away if you are not careful. Drives me nuts especially when he has a dirty one one. Can we say EWEEWWWW! You have to be quick or it will be everywhere before you now it. His birthday is a week from tomorrow, the big 1 YEAR OLD----yayyy we made it.Im Out CYA

Sunday, July 23, 2006

cute baby bum

This is my cute babies bum. This morning when I got home from work, he had his bum pushed so far up in the air I had to take a picture.
This past week has been a rocky one, some days we were not the best of friends. He is still the sweetest boy I have ever known. We are starting to plan his birthday party. I think it is going to be Elmo themed. Since Shelbys birthday and his are so close we are going to have theirs together. I made the invitations this weekend, I will be mailing them next week.
I had my stampin up crop party this past friday, it was fun but seems like it went by a lot faster that it took to put together and plan for. It was a lot of work. It could be a while before the next one,I think.
Oh weel talk to you cats later. CCCCCCCCCCCCCc-ya

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Turn on turn off turn on turn off

Bishop has learned how to turn the water on,then turn it off, on so on ......... bless his heart, he is also saying dude, or so it sounds like it, he will reach out his hand and say dude. He has been a good boy this week for the most part this week, I can't believe that he will be a year old in about 3 weeks. I am going to have his party on saturday the 5th. I will be making ivitations maybe next week. I have to go to work tonight, not looking forward to it, and working tomorrow, and then my sat and sun. yuck, but the bills must be paid right?? Peace Out!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My hostess Appreciation Brunch, & Punkin Head

So Today , ok well it is actually yesterday Me and Sister went to my Hostess Appreciation brunch,We had fun, didn't win anything :o(. But saw a lot of samples made a few cute things none of those are pictured, but I took pics for us to get ideas from.
The last few pictures are of my little kido. He is cute isn't he, Okay I haven't mastered the turning of the pictures the right way, but I will get there 1 day.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

1st French Fry

Greetings my peeps!!
I have to alert you all, junk food has entered my sons life, tonight he ate a french fry, yep thats right. He had enough of us eating french fries and decided it was definetly it was his turn. He screamed, squealed and gave us the ooooooh face. So I picked up my chicken ball(yes I actually said that , not sure where it came from, but Ronnie said I could never say it again) and he just stared at Ronnie eating it, like how dare you do that in front of me w/o asking if I want one. So I said to give him one, and guess what he liked it. Me and Bishop had a good day today , we chilled by the pool, And I do mean that--the water was cold, he just got his feet wet, came in took our bath, took a nap, cleaned the kitchen, made brownies, vaccumed (sp??) he loves the vaccum, he just stares and then in his walker goes in for the attack just like a sneaky cat.
I can believe my 5 days off is almost over--WHY Why WHY does it go by so fast?? Please tell me WHY? I am going to crop at scrappucino tomorrow night, little excited its been awhile. Oh well I am going to enjoy my few minutes of peace before taking a long summers nap. Peace OUT~~~~~

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The 4th of July LET FREEDOM RING

Well we had a delightful day today. We grilled out BBQ ribs (country style), had mashed potatos, real mac-n-chz, blackeyed peas,corn on the cob(grilled) and rolls. Yum Yum. Steph and them came by picked us up and we drove to the fireworks. "B" just kinda looked at them with amazment, tried to get the sparklers and eat his glow stick. Check out the pics. Hope my readers had a good day as well. Peace out Chicks!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

My Nap

This is my sweet Bishop when he was taking his nap today. He is still cruising around no steps but he is getting a little braver these days. He will try to go from one person to another. Still just have the 6 teeth,and they are sharp , you have to watch him he will just dive down and try to bite your leg, he is a crazy little man, but we love him.