Saturday, January 30, 2010

SnOw DaZzzz

So it snowed here starting about 1 pm yesterday and well its still going, These little ones had the best time, they didn't even want to come in and gloves started falling out boots too. After breakfast we all suited up and made out marks all over the yard, yep it was a family event..I wanted to make a snowman but after the first snow ball with my bare hand I decided not too..umm it was really cold.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I know this picture is blurry..but I really took it a hundred times..I sooooooooooooooooooooo need a new camera
This is my friend Charlotte..she is a diva and not afraid to be her self, this is another digi image of The Greeting Farm in the CHA relay race..hopefully I can keep this up and you will see me again tomorrow. Have a great day!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mer Ian

This little Guy is Mer Ian..he is a cutie, The Greeting Farm is having a CHA relay contest and each day if you participate in the challenge you get the next day digi image for free cool is that??? pretty Cool..check it out!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

more blog garage sale part 2

part 2....................

Carolees creation 8 x 8 album with 22 pages, 3 other embellishments pages ...$ 5.00

10 sticker sets for $3 for all

prima stamp mini set $ 1.00 each...1 is a owl, the other a flower

basic grey set in middle $2.00 the rest .50 each ..or all $4.50

unity single stamps, tea for two $2.00..the rest $1.00 each

****forever stamp sold ...but you can have all the rest for $3.50

see D's large sets $ 5 each ***palm tree one on the left SOLD*** journal blocks still available

Thanks again... just email me and your list I will weigh and get shipping cost ..most things are small so it shouldn't be too much. I will take paypal at this same address.

blog garage sale..scrappy style

Garage sale

Hello my peeps..ok well I need a purge anyway but I need money that is a new heres the thing my new expenses (Bella after school care and gas..umm about $500 extra dollars a month..most of that the gas it takes to get her there..) Anywhoo I am having a blog sale. I have pictures of everything with the prices below it. you can just email me..or leave a comment with your email address and your zip code ..and I will weigh and figure shipping for you. Thanks for looking and spread the word if you can.............

$4.00 for all and case

the alphas & case $2.50

k.i. memories $2.50

Basic grey journal blocks $4.00 , fancy pants set $5.00 ...or both for $8.00

***SOLD***rusty pickle pirate set $8 , autumn leaves family set $6.00

back porch memories fairy tale set $4 basic gey bird trio $3.00---SOLD, birthday set $4.00, poinsettia $1.00 ...or all for $7.50

each of these $1.00, or all 3 for $2.25

****SOLD Unity stamps floral friends $5.00, you're a star $2.00

Eco chic $5...still available,*********SOLD sending my love set $6

Autumn leaves postage alphas $ 7, messy dates calender set $7 both brand new or both for $12.50

Boss cut cameron minis $7.00, Brackets $1.00, jack-o-lantern $1.00, set 0f 4 tag dies $3
all of these work in the cuttlebug price reduction all for $10.00

*****SOLDcuttlebug star fram with embossing card $3, sizzix clear its star $.50, sizzx teddy bear with shirt $.50, set of 4 embossing folders(its a girl, sweet pea, baby in peapod, sweet umbrella(for showermaybe)$2 --all for

this set in sheet protector for $4.00

this set in sheet protector for $4.00

this set in sheet protector for $4.00

Thanks again for looking...there is also another blog post..part 2

Thursday, January 21, 2010

pants on the ground pants on the ground..just a lil'gangsta

looking like a fool with ya pants on the ground..hat turned sideways, gold in ya

ok . Bella has turned Gangsta..she joined a gang at school. called the C-critters.....JUST KIDDING.this so cracked me up..Bella has been learning at school about winter she has been wearing gloves around for the last week..but tonight I look up and she has this on tooo funny...and she is still wearing it now. She has been doing well..she said to her speech therapist today "want this?" as she was holding up her calculator ..which is great progress..she blew me a kiss the last 2 days also..yay!! go Bella!!! Also in the last couple of weeks she has discovered bacon...and she says it with a deep growling voice...(actually if you remember the episode of that 70'ies show where the father has a heart attack..and can't eat foods like that well Topher Grace starts saying it over and over and eating it in front of him-thats how she says it) it is crazy funny...she is starting to show signing too..and she said "juice " tonight. So lots of good things with her..and Bishop is better as well and havent done a breathing treatment in the last 2 weeks. okay off to put Bella to bed "its a school night".

Saturday, January 16, 2010

bo bunny challenge

This challenge was posted by Bo Bunny should go and check out all their new lines they posted a sneak peak today..and let me tell you awesome awesome stuff..can't wait to get me some of it.
I made this from some of their last lines that came bandit. Thanks for looking!!