Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Do you see what I see........................Oh and I never want to forget post 10

While I sit on our balcony after we have been at the pool, while my babies are napping and I am enjoying my whoppers I am taking it all in.I do so love the beach, Ronnie can we move here ...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So anyway here is a video of what I am seeing as we speak or write?? Bishop got brave today so I put on just his water wings and he loved it, he is getting to be such a big boy. Here are some pictures of him in his wings and fish ring, and Bella lounging in her little shady float, she loves the water too. I took Bishop down to the beach today and we rode the waves a bit, and he would just squeal out with delight, he got a few mouthfuls of water but didn't seem to mind. It kinda funny being so high up (23rd floor) that the birds are below you and the helicopters are eye level, people on the beach look like bugs.There is alot of seaweed today in the beach, but thats okay. I think I am going to take Bishop on the sea screamer tomorrow, I think Steph may watch Bella boo while we go. I try to show him the boat when it passes by here, he just watches, I think he will really like it. So I never want to forget today when Bishop let go of me in the water, his first step of independence, he is growing up so fast, and Bella last night I was holding her and she just squeezed my head and tried to give me a kiss( we were in a store, singing Miley Cryus' new song) Bella was singing also.Have a good wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the pics is Bella at the spa, kitchen sinkIts her 1st sink bath. She is so cute!!!

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Stephanie said...

I love those babies so much !!! I wish we could move here too !! Maybe if we win the lotto. Your babies are so sweet and so good !!! Im really glad that you are down here with us. Love yall !!!