Tuesday, June 24, 2008

GUESS WHAT??????????????& another I never want to forget post

I actually made it on a Design Team !!!! !!!!!!! Whoooo Hoo ooo oooo oooo !!!! So excited, I cannot believe it. The site is Memories from the Attic go there sometime and check it out, Jeri and everyone else is soooooo nice and they have great online crops too, Thats how I actually found them from Pub calls
Here is the post on the message board where I found out

I am so excited to announce our new designers!! Congrats!! You were all amazing!!!

Our New Scrappy girls:

Heidi Baldivini
Jennifer Mosier


SillyGirl******************{THIS ONE IS ME!!!!!!}
Chrsity W.

Scrappy Coordinator
Card Kit Coordinator
Croppy and Event Planner
Melissa Cobbs \

okay so enough about my big news, but I am so so so excited about it. This is my opportunity to shine.

Bella started being mobile this week, she is not actually crawling but she can get where she wants, She has a doctor appointment tomorrow, her 9 month and I actually think she doesn't have to get any shots, but Bishop started getting sick last week and still has a bad cough, so I went ahead so she could see him as well, but I think Bella is getting what he had, bless her heart she has never been sick before. Will let you know how it turns out.

So here is another I never want to forget moment:
We pull into the drive thru at McDonalds and I am up at the speaker fixing to order and Bishop yells--Because his window is up " Ummm Coke please, Coke Coke chicken & fries", I totally lost it, I was laughing, couldn't order because after I started laughing he knew he was being cute, and he started yelling it over & over, That Boy doesn't miss a thing, I guess he thought mommy won't give me coke maybe they will.

I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow, and remember to think positive, and thank God for the little things like waking up, and being able to hear that baby---because she wakes up so early sometimes--okay that last one was for me.I am Trying not to take things for granted these days.

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Scrapping Julie said...

THAT IS SUPER DUPER COOL!!! I cannot wait to check out your stuff sista!!!!!