Monday, June 02, 2008

I never want to forget 9

How precious time is at the beach, we are having a great time, Bishop really likes the ocean and the pool along with making new friends who come with toys he has never played with. I never want to forget this picture

This was taken before my camera was submerged under water---very sad moment for me, almost cried, she was sitting up forever by herself then I take the shot she falls over, so to keep her from going under I grab her and my camera goes under, how can anyone be okay with out their camera. Maybe its the scrapbooker in me or something. So the good news is I go get my camera and try again to make it come on, and guess what?......................IT DOES , I FELT LIKE DOING A HAPPY DANCE................yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I feel like a person that can go on. anyhoo, having a great time wish you were here Ronnie, we love you and miss you.

Happy Birthday Mommie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bad mama jamma said...

What an adorable baby.

I love my family too!

Stephanie said...

Ahhhh Love the Post !!! Your welcome
!!! we miss you !!