Saturday, May 10, 2008

I never want to 4

Greetings and Happy Mothers Day Eve!! Just going to jump right in, I never want to forget that Bishop has been pointing outside his window for a week at what I thought was the A/C unit and saying whats that? whats that? and I said the air conditioning, then one day I looked like Monday or something and there was a baby bunny out there. Then tuesday it was there again, guess it lives out there close, it was a cute bunny. I never want to forget the look on Bellas face i she takes the first bite of something new, kind of a sour face, but now she is getting used to eating and will eat a whole jar at each feeding--Go Bella!! She is so grown up, here she is playing her 6-string and was just giddy doing it. I also never want to forget our dollar spot house shoes BB wears around the house scooting along, and the shirt that his Mom bought to tell where he got his muscles.
Check out this dinner that Ronnie and I made tonight-yummmmmmmmmmmm!!! It was delicious, so never want to forget that was so pretty I had to take a picture, think it was a mothers day & birthday dinner. Check out the yard sale find I got Bishop today it was worth the dollar or 2 it cost to see his face light up when I came through the door.
On another sad note Me & Stephanies step sister Shelia is in the hospital in South Carolina fighting for her life , please say a prayer for her, she needs it. She suffered from a fall and broke her ribs which resulted in later finding out she had a collapsed lung and didnt know had surgery to fix it and then during surgery some how ruptured her spleen, long story short is in a drug induced coma for a few days to make her better, please say a prayer for her. Thanks!!

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Stephanie said...

that dinner looks great !!! Tell Ronnie my B-day is in October !!! I love these babies with all my heart !!!