Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I never want to forget.........................

Something new to keep me blogging more often, I want to not forget things about my babies and their childhood because I know I am going to turn around and they will be grown, like that commercial life comes at you fast. I am going to try and write something everyday about something I dont want to forget--I know this is kind of unrealistic but give me a chance to try.
So todays is I never want to forget her sweet face as she lays sleeping and how I constantly check to see if shes breathing( I know OCD right?) and Bishop hows he is so into wearing my hat, but yesterday went I left he asked me is I wanted it--he started to take it off, maybe because my hair didn't look great and he knew I needed it. I said no you wear it. The shoes he is wearing came from a friend who gave me 7 huge garbage bags of clothes and shoes for the kids --{Thanks Jennifer}--they are to big but they were spiderman and they light up so he wanted to wear them. I love how he can go out on the deck and play forever and it never gets old.
Now that my scrappy goodness is in the bedroom I can open my window and see or hear him at all times when I am not out there, another OCD I guess but at this day and age who cannot be this way if you care at all about your babies, Right?
Also on another note I want to say Happy Birthday to Holly {aunt}and Erin{cousin} this and last week, I really meant to send a card, but who am I kidding I would forget my head if it wern't attached.

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