Thursday, May 08, 2008

I never want to 2

I never want to forget family, my husband, my sister, and my babies, and ........................SCrApBoOking---whoo hooo so my sister came over today and scrapped with me because its my Birthday, Yep I am 36 years young today. whoa it has gone by fast, okay after I turned 16 it started to speed up and I think after you have children it goes in to fast forward and you can't hit pause or stop. So that is why I scrap to stop time as Vanessa Hudson says --we are like super heros and with our camera we can stop time. Anyways I am grateful that I made it another year to be Ronnies wife, Bishop and Bella's Mommie, and Stephanie's sister, and that we are all healthy, maybe not happy all of the time but thats life right? Thanks for all my cards and birthday wishes, I appreciate them so much. Happy Thursday all---go out and celebrate my birthday --it should be a National Holiday , Don't you think?

I never want to forget that I should celebrate year and not dread it. oh and I never want to forget the way my babies love Tigger & Pooh and how we watch it everynight before bedtime.

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