Friday, May 09, 2008

I never want to 3

Hello all, Day 3 and I am still going I kinda look forward to taking a special picture for my blog each day, just giving you a little trivia into my day to day. Well quite early this morning I had the tv on GAC and was watching some show that had this hot guy on there{hint: the one down below}
and I just had to share with you, not sure what it is but he is HOT!!!!! I think its his lips or his mouth when he talks, anyways they showed all of his videos, anyways I wish Ronnie would do his hair this way{hint hint and let it grow a bit}. Okay enough with him but this is an awesome cd I will be buying it on my next trip to the store even if I cant afford it--the proceeds go to Vanderbilt Childrens hosp--you think he could just give me one for all the hard work I do there. Oh and his name is Dierks Bentley if you don't know it and click his name to go to his website

Okay on another note I never want to forget these feet {above} are they not the cutest feet okay foot, and my BB see the pic {a lil' gansta--with his zoo hat} above I never want to forget is sound effects when he is talking about his sister {*note to self--make video of this}. The picture of my cuddle bunny last night all hugged up to her lovey [sp.?] oh and her new blankie that came in the mail today, think I am going to do her room in Strawberry Shortcake --okay I know I am living out my childhood dream--never even had the first strawberry shortcake doll when I was little--poor me--sniff sniff, so now is my chance to play all I want with my sweet baby girl and her babies. The lady that made it at etsy is Just Memom and Me this is a link to her shop--very cute stuff and if you don't know about ETSY--it is all handmade stuff --love to surf when I am bored. So I hope you all have a great rest of the evening, I am going to put some stuff on ebay to sale for my trip in a few weeks because you all know I am broke--as usual. Love to all nighty-night.

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