Friday, September 28, 2007

we played outside

Yesterday we went outside so Bishop could drive his truck he got for his birthday, he did actually press the gas pedal a few times, but really not in to driving it yet. I had to walk beside him with the umbrella. But he did check out underneath the hood and play in the sandbox for a while. Miss Bella just chilled out in sissys arms. It felt good only in the 70's. Bonnie also came by yesterday to see her and Bishop. Today we are actually going out to her 2 wk check up, and to visit my grandmother she is not feeling well these days at all, maybe this will cheer her up. On another note Ronnie put his car in the shop today--his starter went out 2 days before the baby was born--how convienent so he has been driving mine for a couple of weeks, lets just hope it doesn't cost a fortune because we don't have it. So here are some pictures from yesterday.

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