Monday, September 17, 2007

I want to take my baby home.......

So we are still here. I am discharged actually yesterday but Princess Bella has a little jaundice problem that she is not working through as fast as Bishop did. It is because of our blood type incompatibility , I am O neg and she is A. It is taking her some time to get my blood out of her system. She looks great, and all other things are good, feeding well, pooping well. We are told that she needs to stay under the lights and on the blanket for another day and test her again to see if it is going down. So maybe in the middle of the night she will stop the lights and make sure it doesn't start to rise again. She started on saturday with a billirubin (sp?) of 6.6 then rose to 14.? yesterday which is a big jump, and the test this morning messed up and they are now waiting for another reading. I think sister might come and stay tonight and Ronnie may go home and let BB know we havent left him. I miss him too. I love you BB.

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Angela said...

Oh beautiful baby. I know what you mean about the jaundice. Both of mine had first one had to go back into the hospital a day after he was born because his levels were at 22. Hope you get to bring your princess home soon.

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