Saturday, September 01, 2007

I won the making memories contest!!!

Here is a picture of all my goodies I won--Thanks to all who helped me!!

Sorry about the last post could not make the video work--will have to keep trying on that.

The other 2 pics are for a rak on the fiskateer website- for helping me out. Thanks girls--coul not have done it without you--and Sister and family I know your boys are all enjoying the newsletter--hehe.

On another sad note my Bishop is sick and has had a virus for 2 days --he is a little weak form not being able to keep anything down--sweet boy he just wants his mommie to hold him. I sure hope I dont get it --its going to be a rough week if I do--me and Lindsey Bella really dont want it. talk later-- oh I am dilated to 2 and 70% efaced(sp?) we are on our way but my blood pressure was up--not a good thing.

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