Sunday, September 23, 2007

A personal Dedication to my sweet Sister

I want to dedicate this post to my sweet Sister and Family. We couldn't have made it this last 9 days with out them.
Sister, I love you so much and you being with me this last week has meant more to me than you know. I am so happy that I have you, and that we are so close that we can and do tell each other everything. Not everyone has that. sniff sniff--You have given me and my babies so much I wish I could take you on a nice beach vacation and give you all the spa treatments and let us shop till we drop, okay so we know that won't happen at least in the near future--maybe 1 day. I really missed you when you left yesterday as well as Bishop and Bella, can't wait for you to come back tomorrow, I wished you could stay another week, but I know David and your babies need you-- BTW--did you get those stains out yet?? Anyways if you ever need anything I will always be here for you --kidney, broke shopping buddy, shoulder, etc. you get the picture. I love you so much. My babies do too, cant wait to see you tomorrow.

David thank you so much for keeping my little "dude" while I was giving birth , I know he enjoyed himself so much , he so loves you, as she will as well, you are very important to us. Thank you also for letting my Sister stay with me this whole time I know you missed her being at home but she has helped me more than you know.

okay enough crying, Bella had a new life experience she had her 1st bath.

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Stephanie said...

I love yall so much !!! Thank you !! That made me cry. I was so happy to be there with you through labor and the first week of Bella's life. Thank You for giving me these precious babies to love. I love them so much, as much as my own. Cant wait to get over there today and see them. I Love you all !!