Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I have almost made the 4 day marathon work week

whewwwwwww, almost there countdown is on.... 4 hours 24 min left of this work week, then 3 days off, then another 4 day work week again next week, but that is okay I am Broke!!! After getting our a/c working and our trip, it is going to be a cheap summer for me to catch up. Oh well its only money right??? I will make more, yea yea yea anyways---I am looking forward to just being with "B" this week, Ronnie said he has been out of control the last few days, just screaming out, not satisfied with his toys, maybe its because he is missing his mommy --thats what I like to think, bless his heart. Just read Donna Downeys blog,I am jealous she gets to do all the fun stuff, but also seems like she does a lot of traveling too, that probably gets old. But being in the middle of the scrapbooking madness, I would be giddy all the time, if I could just think of something that is not out there, hmmmmmmm
oh well I will post again later maybe some pics this week of my precious boy, man I love him. Happy Tuesday!!!!

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