Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cutie pies , my birthday and other stuff

This is my bundle of joy after getting out of the bath all snuggled up in his towel, and then he tries to eat his toes, you would think I don't feed him enough.

So me and my punkin pie hung outside for a while last week when it was pretty , he loves to just watch the trees blow. I put the gate up outside and brought his walker out on the deck, he just went in circles, but likes being out there.

Ronnie surprised me with a cake on Saturday night, It was chocolate and very good, His mom made me a cake too but I ate a piece before I thought to take a picture. Had a good birthday besides the fact that I worked half of it but that was okay too, it wasn't a bad night.

We are going to visit Grandmomma and momma tomorrow to celebrate mothers day since I will be working. I think we are going to Demos to eat. We have our 9 month check up on Thursday , but I don't think he has to get any shots. Yippe for Bishop!!

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