Monday, May 01, 2006

Can we say MOM MA

He said it mom ma Last Thursday he said it , made me cry, of course I said what, what baby did you say and he just smiled, I kissed him all over, he is the sweetest baby ever.
Today he wanted me to play ball with him. I was at my computer looked over the couch at him, he smiled of course and held the ball up as if he wanted me to have it, I crumbled, got down in the floor with him and he handed it to me so I rolled it back to him, he picked it up and handed it back to me, and we did this over and over and over again. He just makes my heart melt, This child is going to be so spoiled, I cannot help my self. He is such a good baby. We also have a tooth for sure.

Steph, Melissa, Julie, Christy, and I had a great time at the Creating Keepsakes convention this weekend at Opryland hotel, except for our minor problems, 1st class we were in I am trying to keep up, since we got to class late (could not find it our brillant sense of directions- b/t us all we probably could not find our way out of a paper sack) well I was using the glue when it resisted I squeezed harder, and you guessed it , exploded all over me, my shirt, all over the desk, ruined my page and some supplies, Yep thats me graceful, but our problems did not stop there, Steph then realized her whole book was done backwards, then Julie cut herself with her trimmer, was bleeding everywhere. Needless to say we had a great start. By the way girls shirt was ruined-- I tried , and I had only wore it twice. The rest of the day was good, but tiring. Saturday me and sister took a class and hated the teacher, she was not nice, We will not take classes from her again. But we loved Donna Downey(loved her , loved her) still am using my assests to seal my projects --works like a charm, also loved Beth from Rusty Pickle, (no worries, no worries). Will be looking for them next year too. Also did a cute one from Quick Quotes I think her name is Michelle, loved the book (my sons hands). But on my way home, Mr State Trooper was waiting for me on Briley Pkwy 74 in a 55. so my ticket says $156.00 + 156.00= a depressing ride home, the other 156.00 was because my address had not been changed. who knew, they know my address I just got my tag renewal in the mail, oh well its only money right??? I make more, he said if I have not had any tickets in the last 2 years I will just have to do traffic school, lets hope for the best.

We had a great time in Panama City Beach last week too, Bishop loves the pool, not so much for the beach -here are the pictures;jsessionid=D810503A2497E866A9B15C3A526D8F6D?id=40289512&cb=PW&svr=web15

The weather was great, had rain only 1 morning before we woke up. We just chilled out and had a great time. Me and sister scrapped but not as much as we anticipated, sorry Ronnie, we had no room in the car our suitcases had to go on top, but we still had a great time.

If the pictures dont work I will try to upload some later as for I am at work typing this. Love to all hope you are sleeping well, sure wish I was.

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