Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleeping on Pooh's Belly


How sweet is this Baby Boo Boo..she fell asleep on pooh's belly..She is growing so fast she is soooooooo tall, Yesterday she learned how to give know when you kinda hum as your giving the peck..and gave me like a so sweet..she has been a really good girl this week..err could have been that she was on Benedryl that I think about probably she may have been bite by something Monday or during the night..but Tuesday i noticed a big red blotch on her forearm and she was rubbing it on her pants trying to scratch it..then wednesday it i called the Dr. aid to watch it and give benedryl and it looks better but it is still kinda red...also Dr.Huss called and has recommended her to a Speech thing..where they will come out and evaluate her to see if she has a delay with her speech since she doesn't talk..personally I think she just doesn't want to...she makes lots of noises but no words. Anyway just thought I woudl let you see this cutie and how she went to sleep tonight...nighty night Peeps

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May said...

that is just tooo cute. :)