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Cards For Heroes Card Drive

So here is the information I found reguarding my card drive. I am really excited about doing this and doing my part to help. Please let me know if you would like to participate. I will be adding a picture of my RAK I will be giving to someone (Random draw of course) you will get 1 entry per card recieved. so if you send in 10 cards you will get 10 entries. If you want to particpate please email me to let me know you want to and I will send you a address to send them into, they will go directly to the Cards for Heroes place and they will send me the names and how many cards you send is a link where you can print this form to put with the cards you send in

Thanks so much in advance for your help and support with this... I know the troops will appreciate this effort and so will their families and friends the recipients of the cards.
So below are some questions I think you may have reguarding what types of cards to send in. I got all of this information off of their website .
Make and send cards

What could be better than doing what we love—making beautiful cards—and helping our nation's brave heroes at the same time?
Thousands of cardmakers across America are joining forces to share their gifts and talents to bless those deployed far from home, and in return are bringing smiles to families and friends across the country!

"What kind of cards do service members prefer?"We're told that general cards are in greatest demand since they are not time-sensitive: miss you, love, birthday, thinking of you, hello, thank you. They send cards to husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, children and friends, so any of these themes directed to any of these audiences are fabulous! *Note: we do include a few get well and sympathy cards, but they are not in high demand by our heroes.
"What kind of cards should I avoid sending?"No glitter that will flake off the card—it is a safety hazard; it can make a mess on a uniform and make a hero visible to night-vision goggles! Please do not send suggestive or risqué cards; we do not wish to offend any of our service members. Funny cards are okay, but keep them positive and upbeat. Avoid odd holiday sentiments—like "congratulations on your new kitten" or "welcome to the neighborhood."
"How many cards should I send in?"Any amount is fine—many donors send in just a few (under 10) while some send hundreds. All are welcome! Please don't pressure yourself to meet a high goal—remember to have fun! If meeting a goal becomes a mountain to climb or stifles your creativity, relax and remember the thousands of others who are helping out too . . . together we can do much without anyone feeling burdened!
"What holiday cards do you need?"We welcome cards for specific holidays - though please be aware it may take weeks to get to remote bases, and more weeks for mail to get back home. Cut-off dates are about 6 weeks prior to a holiday for that reason. Major holidays we focus on:
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Independence Day *lots of AnyHero cards please!
Christmas (longer lead time due to heavy mail traffic)
Cards for smaller holidays are sent, too (St Patrick's Day, Rosh Hashana, Hanukkah, Grandparent's Day, etc) but we focus on the major card-sending holidays.

"What size should my cards be?"Any size cards are welcome, but our preferred size is 4.25" x 5.5"; this size allows two cards to be made from one piece of letter-sized cardstock. That size also allows CFH to make the most of the flat-rate boxes for shipping when all the cards fit A2 envelopes.

"Can I use dark cardstock?"Yes, but please attach a liner inside (lighter colored paper). Our heroes may only have a bic pen or a pencil to write with, so please give them space and surface to write on.

"Can I make a lot of one design?"Absolutely! Your cards will be mixed with others' cards, so we are able to provide our deployed contacts with a great variety of designs. You'll see a lot of duplicates in the card gallery photos.

"Can I sign my name, hometown, and email address on the back of my cards?"Yes! Name and/or city, stamped or hand-written, any way you would like to do it. Please also write CARDSFORHEROES.ORG somewhere on the back if you can; we'd like to hear back from our heroes and their families at home, so sharing the web address will allow them to connect with us.

"Can I have a stamp made for the back of my cards?"Sure! You may have a custom stamp made with your name and the CARDSFORHEROES.ORG web address on it; Imagine Stamps offers acrylic stamps customized with your name at a reasonable cost. We've also used Vista Print for a self-inking stamp as well.

"Can my cards be heavily embellished?"This question usually refers to those with "lumpy" embellishments that can require extra postage. This is not a problem for our servicemen and servicewomen since cards are mailed for free for them.
"How do I know if my cards are good enough?"Any level of crafting, styles, and themes are welcome! We get a wide range, and mix them all together in each box, so there's someone sure to love every card.

"Do I need to send envelopes?"We have received generous donations of thousands of envelopes of all sizes—check The Mailroom for the current status of envelopes, or email the shipper you'll be sending to. (If you would like to send envelopes anyway, that makes our donations last longer, but feel free to save yourself some shipping costs!)

"Are store-bought/printed cards accepted?"No, but one of our partners, Operation Gratitude, would love to receive them for their twice-a-year collection for their care packages! Check with their website for dates and addresses.

"Do you want patriotic cards too?"Sure! We send some for our heroes to write on, others are used for AnyHero letters.

"Can I send in cards/letters written to our heroes?"Yes, AnyHero cards are always needed! Click here for more information.

"Can my kids participate?"Yes!! Please have your children make cards, draw pictures, and write messages inside for our heroes -they love to get letters from kids!! Please see our Scouts and Schools page, as well as our Kids Gallery!
If you'd like more tips and ideas on cardmaking, check out our Cardmaking Tips page!

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