Thursday, May 14, 2009

~~Random images from our household today~~

I had a great birthday last week.. Thanks to all who sent me cards, FB wishes, and emails. I also had a good Mothers Day even though I had to work.. But today is a completely random day I looked in the window seal and saw these guys ..then without a kid around they were all laying down ..then next time I walked through again and they were all back up..and a crazy bat man..ran through...then he wanted me to be BatMan... he he he... so funny that little guy... Bella being her bouncy self. Hope everyone has a rest of a great day... whos watching the finale of Hells Kitchen tonight??? I will be .


Jennifer (gojenlaw) said...

the mask suits you well, Tina.

Scrapping Julie said...

you scared me! just joshin.
love those babies!!!!