Friday, November 07, 2008

Memories fromt the attic --christmas card contest

I am on the Card Design Team at Memories from the attic and they are having a Christmas Card contest, are you a member? If not~~ click here to register~~~

If you like to make Christmas cards, here is your chance! It is also your chance to win prizes throughout the contest, with a final GRAND PRIZE at the end.

The first phase of the contest starts NOW and ends midnight CST on Thursday, November 27th. The winners from Phase 1 will go on to participate in the 2nd phase which ends midnight CST on Monday, December 8th.

In Phase 1, Card makers will be able to create four different categories of Christmas cards. The categories are:

1. Stamping -There must be stamping as the major focus or at least at large part of the focus of the card. A tiny stamp
somewhere on the card does NOT count!

2. Non-Tradtitional Colors - self-explanatory I think! No green, red, gold, silver here, unless it is combined with something
you don't normally see at Christmas. Ask questions if you are not sure about this. I am already having 2nd thoughts
about blue! Will clarify asap!

3. Shaped Cards - This means Christmas shapes such as ornaments, a stocking, etc. It also means any odd shape that is
not just a Christmas shape such as circles etc. Of course your circle card must still obviously be a Christmas card.

4. Vintage or Victorian Cards - This really could be two types of cards. There are cards that would be vintage, as in
old-fashioned in some way or the vintage altered art look that would not necessarily be the tradtional Victorian
Christmas card. So you have your choice of which you want to do! Yay! Dont' you like choices?

Each participant is allowed to make ONE card from EACH category. IMPORTANT! You do not HAVE to enter a card in each category, but you MAY if you choose. So, Sally might choose to enter only 2 categories and Sue might decide to enter all four! (Wasn't that cute - Sally and Sue!)

ALSO IMPORTANT! - You may ONLY enter each category ONE time. So each participant will make a maximum of four cards in Phase 1.

Jeri has made a place in the Gallery for your creations for the Christmas Card Contest. Since this is not divided into categories, please indicate in your title or description which category your card goes in, even it if seems obvious to you. This forum, however, will have a thread for each category, so please *LINK YOUR CARDS FROM THE GALLERY TO THE CORRECT CATEGORY (THREAD) IN THIS FORUM*. You may post pics of your cards here if you like, because you all know how we like that! Very Happy

VOTING - At the end of each week for the first 3 weeks, the DT will vote for a winner in each category. So winners will be chosen on the following Fridays: Nov. 14th, Nov. 21st, and Nov. 28th. If your card is not chosen the first week, it stays in for the voting for the next week, and so on. WINNERS WILL BE POSTED IN EACH THREAD on each of those dates.

PHASE 2: All of the weekly winners will then participate in the FINAL CHALLENGE for the grand prize! For this final challenge, each winner will then create a new card in every category. You notice you have extra time for this. DT members will vote on these creations and chose a final GRAND PRIZE WINNER! At this point, the Grand Prize is still a secret! Plus, I should have added that other prizes will be given throughout the month. Many of those will be surprises!

If you have any questions, post them in this thread! The gallery is ready for you to start uploading your cards. Have fun, come on you know you wanna.....

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