Tuesday, November 18, 2008

~~Genuine Fiskateer Pride~~ I got it--u know it..lol

Let me start off by saying , I had the most unbelievable time at the event, OMG is was soooooo freakin killer, We got so much stuff just take a look at these pictures, such awesome stuff. I cannot believe a company could give its followers so many goodies. We started off by going to a crop in Hendersonville Friday night t timeless Reflections, very cute store. Then on Saturday we walked in and there was goodies all over our tables with these bodiacious pink flame cowboy hats.
Through out the day there was so many surprises and we had so much fun, from the recording studio to the line dancing at the Nashville Palace. Guess what you will never believe but I won the Grand PRIZE!!! I won the ever so famous Rock, Paper, Trimmer {I have been dying for this thing since it came out at CHA--it cost like a freaking $100 , and it is so special because it has built in speakers for an ipod, well they GAVE ME THAT TOO--how cool is that?? So Ronnie hooked me up and got me going--this is so fun, I just cant believe it, when they called my number I went ballistic--total chaos !!! I was screaming jumping up and down and like almost killed the Rebecca {the lead fiskateer}it was the coolest thing ever---if there ever was a prize with my name on it--this was it!! I love it so much, and the ipod, and a itunes gift card. SO FREAKIN COOL!!! did I mention that....ok ok I did but it was totaally unbelieveable. The book that is pictured above is what I made during the event and I finished it too., turned out really cute. Okay enough already I know I have drove everyone crazy with this because I just couldn't believe I won. Here aare all the pictures, if you want them to be bigger you can click on them. Peace out peeps!!

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Scrapping Julie said...

wooohooo you big weener. i mean winner..teeehee j/k i am totally
stoked for you!