Friday, July 04, 2008

sisterhood of scrap --blog challenge

Check out this site when you have time and bookmark it
Sisterhood of scrap
well they had a challenge and you know how I am about challenges

~~~POST 5 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT YOU or 5 RANDOM PHOTOS (or a mix of both!!!)~~~

[1] I have watched teletubbies, tigger & pooh and the movie "cars" hundreds of times. NO JOKE!!

[2]--Bellas picture of her asleep------------------------

[3] I secretly want to take Bishop to the park and get his face painted, but I bet he won't do it.

[4]my baby peeping in the window:

[5] I love this picture of Logan & Justice it was probably taken in 2001-2002

another favorite:

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Deanne said...

Thanks for playing along with the sisterhood challenge!!!!!!