Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what I think...........& I never want to forget

Ya Know,I am curious what do you want done with your body after you die, I have been putting some serious thought into over the last week or so and I think I don't want a funeral, service, or anything {so you are thinking what about the people I leave behind} well I have thought about that too, Have a bbq, grill out steaks either together or at your own home have a beer, and some sort of chocolate--that will be fine with me, and if someone beyond my control has a service,make sure I don't have nothing dressy on--t-shirt and jeans PLEASE {I probably won't have any dressy clothes lol}, and you better not dress up, I want t-shirts and jeans--if I catch you wearing black--I WILL come back and haunt you!!!! If you take a picture of me---oh--I will come back and haunt you and HURT you with extreme--don't do it!! Now I know maybe some of you are thinking I am being a bit rough and by all means I mean no disrespect for people who want this at there service-- its your funeral you do what you want--and I will do what I want. But I am really serious about this--I dont want it--I want to be cremated and spread out in the ocean--preferably near florida if possible--but will take Hawaii if you can get me there. LOL. I have only been to 3 real funerals with a body, 2 cremations with graveside services, and 2 services where there was no body {My Grandparents both donated there body to science he was a doctor, and she was a nurse in the navy--I think this is why} and at 1 time I thought I wanted that too, but after watching the morbid things Ronnie watches on TV , I dont think I do anymore. Now I am an organ donor, don't get me wrong , I have done a lot of these at work, and believe me it is very graphic, but it is only a body at that point-- Maybe this is why I am soooooooo uncomfortable with funerals, I am sorry, but I have an extreme underlying fear of them. So if I have been to one, you know I have alot of love for who I was supporting. I dont like them at all. This probably seems really crazy with the line of work I am in--but its how I feel. SO I hope I have made my point--dont expect a funeral when I die--its alot of money and a waste of time, just think about me at your own special place and time and know that I am thinking of you also, and I love you too-- dont miss me--do something that I would like--go to the beach, go eat, and eventually tell my children silly stories of me--thats how I want to be remembered.

Now onto some not so serious stuff, did you see the pictures above, yep its another I never want to forget moment, my Bella boo stood all the way up by herself today. YAY! Bella Boo!! Now she will be into everything--Watch Out!! Glad we didn't unchildproof the house { yes, I know that not a word, but its my blog }

Ronnie would like to send out Thanks you to everyone who sent cards, phone calls ans emails.

SO on another note I discovered smileys arnt they

so if all goes well maybe one day this week me & the babies will

okay so I have said enough still stuck on my paragraph above--its okay--just what I think. Love ya~Mean it--peace out peeps!!!


Scrapping Julie said...

ummmmmm.....wanna kiss those babies cheeks. tell them aunt Julie said

lashell said...

Cole blinkies...thanks for stopping by my blog..