Thursday, July 10, 2008

Howard Mayo..... A Really Great Man

These pictures were taken last Friday {4th of July}, Ronnie's Grandfather came over to eat with us. He passed Wednesday, while out in his garden with a heart attack. He was a very sweet and caring man. He was such a great father and Grandfather to Ronnie. Ronnie had lived with his Grandparents since I think he was around 5 years old, and they basically raised him. They did such a good job, Ronnie is such a great father and husband too, and I am so glad I have him as my husband and soulmate. I know he gets alot of that kindness from him. I hope he knows that he will be missed. I know he was met by his soulmate Ettie and is with her now.

In the last picture I think he was telling Ronnie he had to much vinegar in his bbq sauce here ---LOL--pretty serious about it.

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Christy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Ronnie's grandfather. I know how much Ronnie loved him. I know how important grandparents are. If there is anything I can do for ya'll just let me know. I love all of ya'll.