Thursday, January 31, 2008

Long time no post

Whats up my peeps?? We are all doing good here and well. Just regular life stuff happening here.

Grandmomma is still in the rehabilitation center/nursing home and may get to come home today--Its almost been a month since the surgery.

Bella had her 4 month doctor visit last week, she has grown to 13.1 lbs, and 25" long, her percentiles are a bit bigger that Bishops--hers are all in the 30's for her height, weight, and head circumfrence, she has officially started to roll over, she is such a cutie pie. She just screams out now, and can put her own binky in her mouth, she loves to watch tv and scream at the people on their. She notices everything Bishop does when he is near by.

Bishop is counting now and loves all books, still attached to his "BINK"--that is his macho way to call the binky--binky must be to girly, he LOVES the teletubbies and "mo"(elmo), he is also putting words together like I eat, I get, the other day he said I eat, so I said what would you like for lunch he said fries--its not like he gets them alot but he does like them--it cracked me up.

Ronnie is doing well and starts his new job on Feburary 15 at NES (Nashville Electric Service). He is really excited about the change and to finally get away from the water company. He is hoping to get a little more involved with his photography since if you get your work done you can leave at 1 pm and still get paid your whole time. whoo hoo go Ronnie!!

I am going to have a mommy break this weekend and am going to craft-n-camp--I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is just in Mt.Juliet but hey its a break, I am hoping to get 40 pages done--my record is 29 I think. I went to Sisters yesterday and she is very organized. Maybe I will post my pages I get done when I get back.

Okay so enough for all the updates, Bella screming and Bishop is watching Big Comfy Couch--show on PBS-- and I am hungry for breakfast and I am sure Bishop is too. See ya Have a great weekend!!!! I will.

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