Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday night was CHuck E. Cheese Night

We took Bishop to Chuck E Cheese on friday, he was having a great time , but while he was riding or playing one game he was already concentrating on another one. Bella wasn't too amazed she was awake for some but slept through most of it. B and he Daddy played most of the games, but they did have a Deal or no Deal game I played, you got tickets for the # inside the case. We also feed Bella real cereal this last week a few times, I have pictuires but on Ronnies camera will have to post them later. She is so alert and observant of Bishop. She is also for the last week slept thru most of the night from like 9:30 pm to 5-6 am. yay!!!! Thats all for now.

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