Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pool Day at the Nix Homestead

Hello Peeps of the world!! Just a little blog bout Me and My B. We went swiming today at Nix Residence. It was a pleasant day. Had a good time. He was passed out in the car before I got home and we were only a few miles from home.
On the 25th Little "B" waved bye to me for the 1st time, I teared up. yesterday on the 26th he mimmicked(sp?) me and said "hold you" tonight he did the same thing and said " no no no no" I was telling him no. He just will not lay still while you are trying to change his diaper, and he is strong too and will get away if you are not careful. Drives me nuts especially when he has a dirty one one. Can we say EWEEWWWW! You have to be quick or it will be everywhere before you now it. His birthday is a week from tomorrow, the big 1 YEAR OLD----yayyy we made it.Im Out CYA

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