Thursday, July 06, 2006

1st French Fry

Greetings my peeps!!
I have to alert you all, junk food has entered my sons life, tonight he ate a french fry, yep thats right. He had enough of us eating french fries and decided it was definetly it was his turn. He screamed, squealed and gave us the ooooooh face. So I picked up my chicken ball(yes I actually said that , not sure where it came from, but Ronnie said I could never say it again) and he just stared at Ronnie eating it, like how dare you do that in front of me w/o asking if I want one. So I said to give him one, and guess what he liked it. Me and Bishop had a good day today , we chilled by the pool, And I do mean that--the water was cold, he just got his feet wet, came in took our bath, took a nap, cleaned the kitchen, made brownies, vaccumed (sp??) he loves the vaccum, he just stares and then in his walker goes in for the attack just like a sneaky cat.
I can believe my 5 days off is almost over--WHY Why WHY does it go by so fast?? Please tell me WHY? I am going to crop at scrappucino tomorrow night, little excited its been awhile. Oh well I am going to enjoy my few minutes of peace before taking a long summers nap. Peace OUT~~~~~

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