Friday, March 09, 2012

Dear Mommy

Hi Mom,
I know those you reading think I am crazy..I know she is gone, but I feel silly talking to her out loud.. and I just want to talk to her. I have come to the point in my life where you should be able to say" I told you so" I now know why she told me not to have anymore children...they are driving me crazy... and now I know why I thought she was at times..any  person that has 3 kids has the right to be.. not 1, not 2 but 3 children is so much different than the others.. dont get me wrong I love each and everyone of those babies with all my being..but sometimes I want there to be silence..actually (** Bishops new word at the moment "actually")at this very moment I have it..Bella is napping, Charlee is napping..Bishop will be off the bus in 20 minutes. Who is Charlee..the whole topic of conversation..She is that 3rd baby girl I had...that you told me that I shouldn' see I got pregnant 3 months after you some ways she reminds me of you..She has our big brown eyes and brown hair..oh and very high maintenance at I know I know why hated the name Charles..since your it was your fathers, husband, brother, and sons I thought why not a grandchild with a simular.. Well I wanted to name her after her grandfather..and to know how good he is..How is he btw..he is good I guess, I think Jeremy stays with him alot..I asked him to come live here..but who am I kidding..who would want to be in a household with 3 kids..chaos all the time.. I ask him to dinner every now and again..I think he misses you alot, we still talk about you we  talk. I wish I could see him more..and no I havent gone up there..I dont think I can still go into that house without knowing you are there..silly prolly but i dont. I really miss you ..I so wish you were still here..does make me think about my own life..I have been exercising alot more...trying to ward off the "Its when Tina not if your going to get diabetes" conversations I have at the dr.s.. I actually stop drinking Diet Dr.Pepper on Sunday..havent had a drink since I got really sick when I was at work..had to come home..felt really weird told God I would quit if he made me better..I know silly Ronnie laughed at me too..but I havent..that and I read something the other day about them saying it was addictive..well I guess its not..I havent wanted it either..been drinking fresh lemon water..its supposed to make your body more alkaline.. we will see if it makes a difference..keep you from getting sick..And speaking of God..I know this will sound weird also but I got "Saved" I watched some sermon that Christy told me to watch and it made a difference I think..gave me a new outlook on some things..and bonus I always had the fear of not going to heaven with my children now I am safe..
So other news Stephanie is about to have another grandbaby girl..Thats right Austin met this girl Meagan.and they are going to have a baby.. Wesli is doing well also from what I hear..I dont see them much..Life is sooooooooooo busy seems like, Steph is really busy with taxes and all..and now she is about to have 10 peeps living under her roof....We dont get to see each other much she watches Charlee and gets the kids off to school  about 1-2 times a month for me, I am working every weekend days and i day every other week, but as far as us..she seems to be busy..I ask her over every now and then..oh and she watches Wesli I think alot during the week. Shelby got on at CSX not sure when exactly but I think he is training already. Austin will be heading up the lawn business this year..he is gonna be busy too. Any who I am getting older I now have multi-focus lenses..also when I dream..I know you always said that is how ppl talk to you after their gone..but I never realize that until I wake remind me .. oh Bishop has ADD..but we are on some medication and I believe it is working!! yay!! Bella is doing great too..she is sooo smart..Ronnie is doing well too..he takes care of me and his family.. ok well I need to got Bishop just got home..I love you and miss you!!


Stephanie said...

As I sit here reading this, major tears rolling down my face, Words cant express how much I miss you Mom, I talk to you alot, I dont know if you hear me or not, but its ok, there is not a day that doesnt go by that I dont wish you were here, I love and miss you so much, I really wish I had got to tell you bye, but I know that you know how much I love you, and I know how much you loved me, Everything Tina said was perfect, she is a great Mom, she handles everything great, we told her it would be alot, and she does well with it all. I hope you are happy and you are up there with Grandmomma, thats all I ever wanted was for you to be happy, and if this is what it takes, then Im ok with it, I cry alot, you know how my feelings are always on my sleeves, they still are, and I will you could have stayed long enough to see Wesli, she is so pretty, she has very curly hair red hair and big blue eyes, Im sure you can see her, and Austin has a little girl due on July 30 almost the date you went to Heaven, I love you and miss you !!!

Scrapping Julie said...

Sweet sweet words to your momma. i was so excited to read about you getting saved. that makes me so happy tina. glad you and sister are doing well. love you both!