Friday, March 23, 2012

all week in a days post

So just a quick note to wrap of a weeks worth of post into 1.. ummm cuz I am a slacker...yep I said it.. L:ets see.
...well Bishop is doing great on his adderall --his med for ADD..I even got an email from the teacher saying he may get student of the month..lets all say a hooray for Bishop!!! he has been finishing his work in class and I am thinking he will make a perfect score on his spelling words this week..and he is just all smart-n-stuff, and being a really good child ..not so much drama and crybaby stuff.
 Bella is been anxiously awaiting Doc McStuffins in Disney Junior this week...and lets say she was very content watching it this morning..and has been on Bishops computer playing LaLaLoopsey ..she knows how to work it to turn it on and click her way to the site..She is getting so smart...still way goofy ..but in the cutest way possible.
Charlee has been eating so well this week..still wanting to nurse in the middle of the night..was really hoping this would stop happening..but I guess she will tell me when she stops getting hungry ..I even fed her at 9 ish last night..and she ate alot but still wanted more and it totally eating her feet like putting the whole top half in her mouth..never had a kid do that before..It was quite hilarious watching her.
Here is a few more pictures from this week:

 Playing with Sean through the fence
 Sweet Charlee in her leg warmers sitting in my lawn chair drinking her ba ba.
 Silly McSilly being herself...
Have a good week..I will try to give ya more next week...

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Scrapping Julie said...

hi friend!!!!!!
omg.. so happy that the medicine is working out with bishop! i hope ronnie is impressed too.. !!!
sweet babies you have there! LOVE YOU! LOL