Monday, March 28, 2011

Tracys blogoversary blog candy!!

looks like she does some magnolia goodness!!

here is some of her post

Good Evening! Well I can hardly believe it but I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary on my blog!! Yea me! Now technically I started a blog wayyyyyyyy before that, but I didn't really "Blog" KWIM. I had a couple of sporadic post but thats about it. Anyways, 1 year and 200+ followers later here I am still steady blogging. I love it. My friend Lisette and I started about the same time. She was my inspiration to start and she has also been my enabler the entire way. Meaning, without her, I probably would have that new car I want/need and I probably could have squeezed a few extra vacations in this year!!! But I was blessed with daily emails to check this blog or that online store out to see all this crazy cute stuff that I just couldn't pass up. I have continued to blog because I need an excuse on why I bought over 100 magnolias in less than a year...and 250 see where this is going??? lol Thank you Lisette! LOL I love all my card making supplies!!!
I truly have enjoyed blogging and I love all the friends (close and faraway) that I have come across via blogland. That is why it has been so much fun!! I also love and appreciate all the comments that come my way. Crafters are a great bunch of ladies and because of that I want to spread some love via BLOG CANDY!


Kate said...

I'm glad you are having such a fun time blogging! I just started almost a year ago and it's incredible how many people I've "met"!
I just wanted to pop by and thank you for sharing your story on my Autism Awareness blog hop post. What a blessing that you recognized early on that things weren't quite right with your daughter and got her the help she needed. And how wonderful that she has made such progress!!

LollyChops said...

Just wanted to drop by and leave you some hugs!! Happy blogoversary!