Saturday, January 30, 2010

SnOw DaZzzz

So it snowed here starting about 1 pm yesterday and well its still going, These little ones had the best time, they didn't even want to come in and gloves started falling out boots too. After breakfast we all suited up and made out marks all over the yard, yep it was a family event..I wanted to make a snowman but after the first snow ball with my bare hand I decided not too..umm it was really cold.


Scrapping Julie said...

that was funny. bella was cracking me up falling down. she reminded me of the movie a christmas story. he had on so many layers he couldnt walk or put his arms down. we had a great time in the snow too. we sled for 2 hours and plan on doing it again in the am. see you soon!

Angela said...

Tina, i loved seeing your pics!! Looked like the kids had a great time!! The only thing you can do at my house is sled!!! All of ou snow is frozen solid!! No snowball fights, snow Angels or even a snowman!! It's like a solid sheet of ice!! That when you crack it it a huge sheet of frozen solid snow!! The Kids went skating and sledding in their boots in the yard!! Their not big enough to brale the snow!! They just walk on top of it!!