Thursday, January 21, 2010

pants on the ground pants on the ground..just a lil'gangsta

looking like a fool with ya pants on the ground..hat turned sideways, gold in ya

ok . Bella has turned Gangsta..she joined a gang at school. called the C-critters.....JUST KIDDING.this so cracked me up..Bella has been learning at school about winter she has been wearing gloves around for the last week..but tonight I look up and she has this on tooo funny...and she is still wearing it now. She has been doing well..she said to her speech therapist today "want this?" as she was holding up her calculator ..which is great progress..she blew me a kiss the last 2 days also..yay!! go Bella!!! Also in the last couple of weeks she has discovered bacon...and she says it with a deep growling voice...(actually if you remember the episode of that 70'ies show where the father has a heart attack..and can't eat foods like that well Topher Grace starts saying it over and over and eating it in front of him-thats how she says it) it is crazy funny...she is starting to show signing too..and she said "juice " tonight. So lots of good things with her..and Bishop is better as well and havent done a breathing treatment in the last 2 weeks. okay off to put Bella to bed "its a school night".


Gina said...

I have had that song in my head for several days now! She is too cute! Glad to hear of her progress.

Jennifer (gojenlaw) said...

So Cute.... glad to hear yje progess

Scrapping Julie said...

awwww. my baby girl!!!!
how exciting that school is going SO WELL for her! so glad to hear that AND bishop! awesome chicka!
miss you.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

so funny! we also have the pants on the ground song in our heads around here too. funny!