Friday, March 27, 2009

Laura's sketch 22

I did this lovely card for the sketch at 2 sketches for you (click here) I think it turned out pretty nice. The paper is October afternoon, stampin up cardstock & sentiment , where i punched out scalloped circles , and 4 large circles from my fiskars punched. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bishop and The Lion

This was Bishop last 4th of july at the Park, meeting his first lion. Products used all Sassafras Lass and cardstock.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick post on how I was blessed last week

Hey Ladies?? (sung like from that song back in the 80's??) yeah I am so tired we worked our tushies off this weekend in Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital Operating Room..kudos to all my coworking peeps... keep that in mind you read this post..becuase I think i may be a little delerious I am sooo dogs are barking wooooof woof,
Okay so let me just tell you about one of the best days of my life that happened last friday... first off it was Ronnies birthday he was "38" really are you sure?? whoa.. we were like "21" just yesterday...wern't we?..okay but it wasn't that long.
Anywho back to my special moments.. I am driving down the road just minding my business probably little one were in the backseat passed out..and my phone rings and I wasn't sure who it was at first..i thought it was my sister and shje sounded upset... come to find out it was my friend jennifer from work , she said...are you driving? ..and I am like what?? trying to figure out ..then I realized it was Jennifer..are you driving? yes well i don't think i should tell you ? what? (maybe I was thinking I have been fired ..I didn't know) she said you won the slice? then I cant remember but I think my BP shot up ...because i was doing a lot of celebrating ..doing some happy dancing all while in my seat belt--that kept bringing me back to reality --if you have ever rode in my car you would know the seat belts are very forgiving--dont ever suck it in--it goes with you and doesn't gets tighter and tighter..anyways back to my beautiful slice.. I won it I really won..there was 2 random numbers picked out of 2000..can u believe that???? I couldn't ..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I still cant I am so flippin happy i can't stand it....
yippppppppppeeeeeeeeee!!! You all need to bookmark my new friend
Danielle's blog she is sooooooooo inspirational; and giving , and has such a beautiful family..her stories are wonderful..go there and bookmark it..right now she needs your prayers..her brother just left for war and she is sad.

Then after that... I won for my card I turned in for the sketch on the bo bunny blog..ummm over the top..can't comprehend all I guess you can say that Ronnie's birthday is my lucky day... I thought about going and buying a lottery ticket but I didn't well it is time for me to leave work you you peeps later..Have a good Monday!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you say wheres Waldo?

Do you see something that doesnt belong under my desk?Remeber that game wheres Waldo?? Wheres Bella? she love to play peep eye--but she sooo totally kills me with laughter..she also was under the island in the kitchen on a shelf earlier

Okay so here is my little one ...she sooo loves to hide in confined places..she totally cracks me up..just had to share while I am awaiting the results of a huge giveaway a Slice.. I sure hope I win I am wanting that thing real bad...but you should check out this blog regularly anyway.. ((((click here)))

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

more Pictures from today

Okay so you know I had to take more pictures after princess woke they are...........

bo bunny challenge.................

I made this card for the Bo Bunny Challenge, I love the colors so bright.

BeAuTiFuL DaY!!

This was from a week or so ago..she totally cracks me up. She was napping while the other pics were taken. I felt like I couln't make a post without a picture of my boo boo.

These are some pictures from today, I cant believe our little peach tree is already blooming.. Here is my other punkin head.He sooooooooooo needs a haircut. Not to much going on today, just wanted to share our pretty day with you...hope everyone is enjoying it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Awesome blog candy

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Melissa is giving away some massive amounts of blog candy..but its over at 2 pm today so hurry........

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

some layouts I did tonight...

Hello my Peeps!! Hope this finds you doing well, I felt a little creative tonight, and a little better, Me & Bella have had a hard week..but I think we are on the mend, Bishop was a little sick too last weekend..not sure what we had but the first couple of days was rough. Anyways I felt the power to sit at my creative spot and play a while tonight. So here is what Imade..the above is a birthday card for one of my favorite companys Fiskars.. They are 360 years old..can you believe that??

Anywhoo quick little story of something cute that Bishop said this week that I dont want to forget:
I was getting into the bath and he says" you gettin in da bath, you stink?" totally had me cracking up--we tell him he stinks to get him in the bath sometimes.. love that..another one
he was upstairs with Ronnie and could hear Bella crying he said" sissys crying..(pause) boo hoo" okay so we do this when they are whinning

I think maybe Bella is trying to become a dancer in ballet.. I find her standing on 1 leg , she walks on her tippy toes, and sometimes her leg goes back and up in a pose??? where is she getting this from..she loves to CLIMB on EVERYTHING..she was up on the rail of Bishop bed tonight..doesn't she know she has my blood in her..she is not graceful??

Monday, March 09, 2009

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