Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you say wheres Waldo?

Do you see something that doesnt belong under my desk?Remeber that game wheres Waldo?? Wheres Bella? she love to play peep eye--but she sooo totally kills me with laughter..she also was under the island in the kitchen on a shelf earlier

Okay so here is my little one ...she sooo loves to hide in confined places..she totally cracks me up..just had to share while I am awaiting the results of a huge giveaway a Slice.. I sure hope I win I am wanting that thing real bad...but you should check out this blog regularly anyway.. ((((click here)))


Appie said...

PEEK-A-BOO...I see u!

Scrapping Julie said...

what a funny little person!!!
hope all is well with your family
i miss you!!