Saturday, March 14, 2009

some layouts I did tonight...

Hello my Peeps!! Hope this finds you doing well, I felt a little creative tonight, and a little better, Me & Bella have had a hard week..but I think we are on the mend, Bishop was a little sick too last weekend..not sure what we had but the first couple of days was rough. Anyways I felt the power to sit at my creative spot and play a while tonight. So here is what Imade..the above is a birthday card for one of my favorite companys Fiskars.. They are 360 years old..can you believe that??

Anywhoo quick little story of something cute that Bishop said this week that I dont want to forget:
I was getting into the bath and he says" you gettin in da bath, you stink?" totally had me cracking up--we tell him he stinks to get him in the bath sometimes.. love that..another one
he was upstairs with Ronnie and could hear Bella crying he said" sissys crying..(pause) boo hoo" okay so we do this when they are whinning

I think maybe Bella is trying to become a dancer in ballet.. I find her standing on 1 leg , she walks on her tippy toes, and sometimes her leg goes back and up in a pose??? where is she getting this from..she loves to CLIMB on EVERYTHING..she was up on the rail of Bishop bed tonight..doesn't she know she has my blood in her..she is not graceful??

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Scrapping Julie said...

awesome pages girly!!!
tell everyone in the house hello!