Thursday, July 30, 2009

okay I failed for my daily posting..but I am here now

Good Thursday is my bathing beauties after their bath today, Bella has to take everything with her wherever she goes.. they are sooooooo funny.. my babies...

Yep and Bishop has some really large shoes to fill, doesnt he..but he tries.. ha ha ha

On another note my Mom has found the internet again and her computer is fixed..whooo hoooo and she read my blog which makes me happy..Thanks Mommie, and she is on facebook.

Okay I am grateful for just life , you know we all have our bad moments..but if you wait long enough they will pass by and then something will happen like seeing a little girl walk by pushing her little shopping cart and just as happy as can be and you realize..that its the little things that do make you happy.. ... and by the way that was Bella today... she is the cutest thing ever..I just can't stop kissing her and my little soon to be Birthday week .. ta ta for now.

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Scrapping Julie said...

dang bishop is having ANOTHER birthday??? tell him to stop that!
glad to see you are doing well, i miss you my friend, hope to see you before CK convention! LOL