Friday, July 31, 2009

Bonnie Lou ...We WiLL mIsS YoU!!!!!!!!!! myspace graphic comments
I Miss You Graphic Comments

So our Co-worker Bonnie is leaving us and going to days , we wish her lots of luck and hope it all works out for her..We will miss you and always try and say things 3 times in your honor, Lynn has already started this "soy & duck sauce, soy & duck sauce, soy & duck sauce".lol anywho..don't forget about us.

So I am grateful for my friendship with her, she has been with me on nights for like 3 years. She has almost kicked my but a couple times but I love her have got her hooked on Big Brother , Hells Kitchen and probably a few other shows..even though she said she would never watch reality shows..he he he love ya Girl!!

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Scrapping Julie said...

now who will sing "Jackson" by Johnny Cash?