Thursday, April 02, 2009

My week at a glance

greetings to my blog peeps...hope you haven't been washed away... I am thinking my yard may be deep enough to swim in if anyone wants to take a cool dip. .... so its been raining and storming up here in White House...obviously by my intro.. ok I have discovered I am a rambler arn't I? ok ok don't shout your answer at me...I can't help it. Any who these are pictures from a beautiful day 2 days was pretty yesterday morning too. Miss Bella Boo loves to swing she doesn't even care if her brother is pushing her or at least trying... he wanted to swing so bad he couldn't stand it , but he is to big for this swing.. I think we will get them a swing set for their birthday.. I know it is at the end of the summer but well will see.

Looky what I got in the from the UPS man slice...OMG I sooooooooooooooo love it!! Me and mr.slice have been trying to figure each other out.. I did try to cut with the bottom casing on once..even after reading 3 times to make sure it was off.. it was okay though..look at the fun words and shapes..oh the possibilities are endless.. I get so gaga over stuff like this don't so much Danielle!!!!!.. and in case you forgot her blog { } she is now giving away a bind it all..go check it out.. I am proof cool stuff really happens. I will never forget this. EVAH!!!!!!!!
hmmm okay so while I was waiting on my cool present to arrive I decided to label all my stuff I rearrange my area last week ...I know you all are gonna think I am crazy... I am so super funny about this but i wanted to make my slice its own perfect spot and I needed to do a little anal organizing too..ok shut up I know you all re talking about me... umm maybe those are the voices in my head LOL.. okay so I just took more pictures but I am gonna put them in my side look over there>>>>>>up towards the top>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
okay bye for now..catch you peeps another time.

I know CRAZY right that I did this.. I made lots and lots and even did my closet.. I used my fiskars hand punches to make them nice and scalloply--yes thats a word because I just made it up. peace out and Have a great day...


Jennifer (gojenlaw) said...

since you did such a great job, Tina, you are welcome to come over to my house and redo my room. Thanks, by the way you will need to take a boat to get there. lol

Appie said...

Sweet pics of your babies having a good time! Love it!