Thursday, February 26, 2009

Here is pictures from the last week

These were some layouts I have done the last couple of days, I loved how this one of my Grandmother & Granddaddy turned out, I think I might get it framed and give to my Mommie.

and of course these were from a challenge at, they are having a month long celebration.

yea I know my hair looks crappy in this picture but it turned out good, the colors were so vibrant, I used some of my Creative Cafe stuff..I totally love this stuff.

These were from our Fiskars fun day...we had a blast..pretty sure that picture of me & Appie together was where I got sick...he he ..just kidding - it was probably when I finished yours off..he he April..just playing...I know you feel bad too.... But that strawberry Margarita was worth it. So while we were there it decided to snow..but we stuck it out it melted before we left. The Jerrys sign is kind of sentimental, when me & steph were younger we always met at this was half way between home & Louisville where my Grandparents lived. I went there every summer until I had to get a job. Hey its for sale if anyone wants to buy it..LOL

Stephanie and Joyce (Aprils Mom)--Thanks for driving to the restaurant-- and I am so glad your car is okay--I worried about it.

This video is of Bella practing her fall down techniques, she did it about 100 times...maybe she is going to be a stunt girl when she grows up, Lord knows she is not scard of anything...If she gets on the bed she runs straight up to the headboard and falls down backwards.. I hope your ready, she

Thats all folks... I am caught up... I think.......peace out!!!!!


Stephanie said...

that layout of Grandmomma and Granddaddy is so pretty it made me cry. You did a great job on all of these layouts !!! Give my babies a kiss, as soon as I feel better I will come over to see them. Love You

Scrapping Julie said...

AWESOME PAGES GIRLY. funny you said that about your hair. as soon as i saw the pic i was like wow. awesome hair!! LOL

Julie Campbell said...

Hey! I can't find your e-mail, so hopefully you get this. :)

I found Miss Anya at

Hope it's still there! :)