Saturday, December 13, 2008

An eventful day.......

It all started when I got a phone call at 8am from Ronnie, when I knew something was wrong... He was robbed at gunpoint..or so we think they had it hid in their jacket--so he gave them his wallet, there were 3 of them in some apartments on Whites Creek pike, he said they looked young 1 had a prison tattoo of a tear on his eye so if you see them beat them up for me, or call me I will do it--stupid punks!!!Please wish very bad Karma on them with me please.
So after I worried and called him a million more times, I finally got up and got us ready to meet santa, Bishop did fine, Bella not so much as you can see from the picture. Okay so our Angel didn't return this year from the attic so we got a new star topper and Bishop helped putting this on. Then there is a picture with Bella trying Dad's hat. Okay so my head is killing me and I am going to bed--sorry to be so short.


Mardi said...

Wow, how scary! What is wrong with people? Love your star and love Santa picture. I know how she feels!

maddy hill said...

oh how awful !
put it behind you and try and have a nice christmas x
love the tree and the star !