Thursday, December 04, 2008

brrr... its cold outside

man it is ... Looks like everything is frozen out there, like white speckles everywhere. I just want to stay in my bed all day and sleep....okay back to reality. I haven't did a real post in a while about the family. {ugg I just realized I forgot, I haven't even uploaded Thanksgiving Pictures--sorry sister}. I will go back and add them to my Thanksgiving post. These are pictures from breakfast and the Christmas tree and decorations we put up yesterday, since it was almost 60 degrees thought I better or it just may not happen. Bella is walking, not really talking as much as I thought she would have, her and Bishop have started the fighting thing, he roars at her she screams and cries, we go through this several times a day. Bishop is almost potty trained--we a lacking a little on the shoo shoo part, pee pee is a breeze. Me I have been working every available extra shift i can, including today--I go in at 2:30, Ronnie is still going at NES.
We are having Christmas here again this year , I guess I need to start planning my menu--I think this is not my strong point, Ronnie does more of the cooking think I will hand this over to him, and I will plan on cleaning and doing what i do best.Okay well i am out --need to get them down and start with baths.
okay...Just realized the Doodlebops are really kinda cheesy...just an FYI

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Jennifer (gojenlaw) said...

love the tree and other decorations.