Thursday, April 24, 2008

Opening day at the Pool

These are my babies playing outside yesterday, we were doing good until Bishop tried to put the battery operated cars into the pool, he doesn't understand that all things can't be put in the bathtub or I guess that they can't get wet. Sometimes he brings a book with him to get in the bath. He is soooooooooo cute these days, but can get in trouble in a minute. He is still a sweet brother to Bella in the clip above he will just kiss her head--it is so sweet. I know these videos will be blackmail for later. LOL Bella has been doing better with the eating thing, I actually fed her twice today [No cereal] but Fruit this morning and sweet potatoes for dinner. So the water was really cold , but BB still played around in it--not submerging himself, just in got his feet wet and back out. So National Scrapbook day is next weekend, thinking about having a little scrapday on the friday before May 2 and a preweek birthday party for me, anyone interested, Julie said she might come, Sister are you in? Might send out an email tomorrow. Talk to ya later--Bishop says== see ya

okay so I cant get the video to upload right--will try again tomorrow.

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